An easy and very delicious biryani recipe for fish lovers. Fish broth is the easiest of all brews, as it only takes a little time but is still flavorful and very appealing to the taste buds. The following recipe is mildly spicy, aromatic and delicious.

Full time of preparation

20 minutes
Cooking time

30 minutes
For how many people?

4 people
Ingredients - Ingredients

1 fish half kilogram 2 rice half kilos 3 crushed hot spices 4 teaspoons 4 dried coriander one teaspoon 5 white teaspoons one teaspoon 6 garlic four grandchildren 7 onions one pound 8 ghee one pound 9 salt Custom

Step-by-Step Instructions

1 Wash and clean the fish thoroughly (if the fish is fine) Peel the garlic. Add all the hot spices and salt and grind. It will be leaky. 2 Now, place the lettuce on either side of the fish. Mix well and allow to cook for about four to five hours. If kept one day, it would be better. 3 In a pot, fry the slices and squeeze the fish pieces. When boiling, the dough should be soft. Otherwise the spices will turn black. 4 Then add the onion in the same ass and when the onion is brown then add the fish pieces with the spices and fry for a while. When the spices turn red, sprinkle some water and drain the flames. 5 Now add rice and boil in the second pulse. When the rice is cooked in three parts, squeeze the water and like the other biryani, it has rice and fish in the mouth of the open mouth. Apply layers of solution 6. There should be a layer of rice on top. Close your mouth and apply the tail. Take off after fifteen minutes. Delicious biryani is ready.

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